"Keep devices open"

keeps turning itself back on

According to the DIGI001 manual:

"The Digidesign ASIO Driver Control Panel cannot
be accessed under the following circumstances:

When using a third-party audio software
that has an option to keep the ASIO Driver
“open” even when you are not playing or
recording. (You must close the audio software
before you can open the ASIO Driver
Control Panel.)"

Each time I go to settings, devices, advanced, and untick the ‘keep devices open’, click okay, then open it back, it has ticked itself on again! Which means that I cannot change to record at 48KHz without nTrack locking up for 3 to 5 minutes. It is not the end of the world, but it is a hassle. I am hoping some-one has an idea? BTW, this is build 2200. I hope to install 2210 later today, and I will be checking the advanced panel first thing, eh?

'til later;
Tony W

Well, the ASIO protocol acts like that, i.e. you cannot have more than one audio application open at a time (which has had me puzzled for more than a few times), and the ‘keep devices open’ is on by default when the application is started.

The problem lies with n-Track locking up under these circumstances. There has been ASIO driver trouble during the latest builds, but those should be sorted out by build 2210 (as far as I hear it - haven’t tried it myself).

regards, Nils

I hope you are right! :)

Time to download a new build, I think…

`til next time;