"Maybe I" Snr Paul Remix

Atmospheric/chill-out remix

If people are getting fed up with listening to my latest track “Maybe I” (See other posts), this track has also been produced and remixed in a totally different interpretation by a producer from Spain (Snr Paul)

Maybe I Atmosphere remix




This is my favorite mix to date for the following reasons:
1. The alternating organ notes do not intro the song any longer.
2. The atherial notes, sounds, voices add a great contrast to the down to earth guitar and wonderful intonations in your voice. This constast brings out the best qualities in your voice. If you were going to establish “a sound” this may be the one for you – earthy and atherial.
3. Last, but not least, the mix really climbs when your voice does, going for that “money” note.


This is getting to be quite nice. It is good enough now that opinions are likely be deep into the personal preference arena…

But, IMO the synth part that builds up just before the organ sound kicks in could be pulled back a little. It seems to me to kind of wash out the other instruments. Maybe just personal taste, but I like the guitar-bass thing that you have going on, and I want to hear it. I think that the level of the organ sound is OK when it comes in. It is not as blurry as the other synth sound, and it seems like things hold together when it playing.


Excellent song writing, excellent production, amazing what can done with a few chords, when there’s good song writing and a great voice.

Enjoyed it a lot.


What a great remix!!! :D :D :D

I really dig those echo effects on the voice (I know, I am an incurable echoholic myself…)

This mix could really turn concepts up-and-down in the sense of getting a ‘sound’ for the song. What I mean is, this remix may inspire the way this could be going if a more basic, ‘vanilla’ sound was sought for. Remove the echo effects and this would go into the top ten immediately IMHO.

What I like in this mix when compared to the previous mixes I’ve listened to so far is the fact that everything has its own space in which to breathe while keeping a coherence with the rest of the parts.

The speaker-cone-shredding distortion effects from the previous mixes has gone, thankfully. I didn’t think they did the song full justice. Distortion has a dangerous tendency to make everything sound the same, making it very hard to discern individual instruments in the mix.

As already mentioned I like the spacey echo effects, which I think really suit the mood of the song, but they might not go down with every listener - a matter of taste, really.

Congratulations with a great song. I look forward to be hearing it on the radio anytime soon…

regards, Nils

Thanks Guys,

These are really flattering compliments :)

Nils - you are saying add more echo right? Great idea - I’ll do it :D

Its interesting, the ballsy guitar-distortion mix is more what I had in mind when I wrote the song, but I also love this airy mix.


Congratulations with a great song. I look forward to be hearing it on the radio anytime soon…

Me too…don’t get me started!!

Take care


Great song! Great vocals!

I like the instrument and I really like how the vocal sits IN the mix. The vocals seemed to be “on top” in the other versions. I also like the spacey effect. In fact I like all of it including the “echo”.

Excellent progression and good learning experience for me.



After listening several more times, the ending seems too abrupt. I still like everything else.

Overall, still a great song.



Thanks Shayne,

The guy that mixed this is hoping to get time to sort out a few little bits he’s not happy with - the one you mentioned being one of them. Well spotted:-)