"Not registered" sound still plays

even though I have it registered

I bought the 16-bit version of n-Track 4 a while back and didn’t have any problems until recently. For some reason, using my card’s ASIO driver, I keep getting the “unregistered” sound. I have the “Force 16-bit” check box in the options checked. I’ve tried re-registering the program, even uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and nothing. I have version 4.1.2

I started a topic about this a few months ago, but it isn’t here anymore apparently.

Thanks for any help.

when you select ASIO drivers your soundcard is switching to 24bit mode. many cards do not expect ASIO to be used at 16bits - thats why you have to force 16bits -

the only answer is to pay the upgrade to the 24bit version of N - this does not require any downloads as N contains both 16 and 24 bit versions, your reg codes decide which version is operational -

Dr J

or use WDM or MME drivers?

WDM drivers don’t seem to work well for me, I either get an error with a high buffer, or lots of noise with a low buffer. MME are extremely laggy.

I had a feeling that that was the reason, Dr. J.

Thanks for the responses, I’m gonna send Flavio my upgrade fee later today or tomorrow.