"Old Lady" group buy

$200 piano samples for $80

A distributor is offering a group buy plan for this excellent Steinway D sample set. See http://www.mijnwinkel.nl/shop8272/c5/ for more info. Offer ends December 6. Actually, the current price is $100, and won’t go below $80. It depends on how many folks jump in.

Also learn more HERE, a Keyboard Magazine forum.

To hear the piano, go HERE.

This is legit. It comes in Giga, Kontact, Halion, and EXS formats. All of these formats can be converted to soundfonts using free or inexpensive conversion programs like Extreme Sample Converter and CDExtract. The soundfont won’t sound quite as good as the Gigas, since Giga now includes a convolution engine to help model the sympathetic vibrations when you press the sustain pedal after having played a note. (If you press the pedal before playing the note, it uses “pedal down” samples, so you get the sympathetic vibration.) This is a pretty subtle nuance.

You’ve heard me complain about the dynamics of sampled pianos. I haven’t played this one yet (though I read that there’s a downloadable demo, which I’ll try), but it sounds magnificent. Lots of dynamics in the samples posted, and the soft parts sound particularly expressive.

Pianos, like guitars, all sound the same. :D

BTW, that is a 4GB library. I would not feel hopeful about converting it to SoundFont with any success. It may convert, but any sampler with a half decent DFD capability will take Giga natively or do it’s own conversion. I wouldn’t buy this expecting it to work as a SoundFont in a normal SoundFont player. You’re gonna need a big boy sampler like Giga, Kontakt, Halion, EXS, Mach 5, etc. SFZ I doubt will cut the mustard.

That sound interesting, specially the hability of giga of the “sympathyc vibration”. If you have a sample of the down pedal, you can program soundfonts to do this using “midi-ox”. I will do some experiments maybe this week, and try a little.

Edit: bubba, what are you saying!!! :D

I tried using the NSPiano from Natural Studios site with SFZ and no matter what high quality settings I set…the pedal or hammer sounds didnt come up…and yeap…I set the correct bank for it too.


I would not feel hopeful about converting it to SoundFont with any success
the soundfont players are disegned keeping in mind that soundfonts are small, because soundfont was disegned primarely to run in hardware ram. I have converted some big giga sounds (100-200mb) that i found for free out there, and it works, but not in a very nice way. I never see a soundfont more big that 200mb (for a single instrument) that runs nice, but you can try and tell us later.

Good point – soundfont conversions might not do the trick.

The issue isn’t the soundfont format, it’s simply that sfz can’t stream from disk very well. So, there’s some hope that someone will come up with a good soundfont player (or improve sfz). But meanwhile, I think you’re right – probably best to run with the big dogs for a sound like this.

BTW, I got Giga32 for $30 on ebay, and I often see them going for that kind of price. This is the previous version of Giga – not Giga3, which has the convolution engine.

Marce, the convolution engine for Giga is intended to do the same thing as “pedal down” samples, but under circumstances when you can’t use pedal down samples because you already played the notes before you put the pedal down. I’ve heard a demo, and it basically sounds like an excellently tuned reverb – sorta like piano strings ringing!!! (duh!) Anyway, I won’t get it with Giga32, but I won’t miss it much either.