"Redemption" - new original (Brit-pop/indie)

Hey all…

A new original song called “Redemption” is available on my music page. It was recorded using the Zoom PS-04 as the recording unit and nTrack to add effects and mix.


Let me know what you think!


Good job on the new track buddy. How exactly are you micing the guitars? They sound a bit “tinny,” like maybe you added either too many effects, or you have a bad mic? I’m not sure. I use this great mastering tool called Izotope Ozone, it allows you to get almost any sound you want out of something… maybe you should check it out!


this is good stuff!! i agree the guitars are a little tinny, but i can see you did this maybe to make the other instruments blend in a little more.

i like the strings and the falsetto vocal bits sound nice. the ending is nice, but maybe the guitar should jsut fade out in to it rather than do a big ending strum…

nice tune tho. how bout some vocal harmonies!

What a nice song…

Well done.

Now to nitpick. Yeah guitar sounds thin, but it works. And, on second listening, I like it even better, so no nitpicking.

Is that a violin at the end or that Yamaha?

OK, one nitpick. Need to raise the recording level up a little.

Definitely a keeper!

The guitar was recorded using the Zoom PS-04’s built-in condenser mic - which is, despite how it sounds an AWESOME mic, guys on the Zoom BBS have done side-by-side tests with quality outboard mics and found little difference.
That doesn’t mean I recorded or EQ’d it right, though :p
I set the unit on a table top with the mic facing up and sat in a chair about 6 inches away, with the mic hitting just about soundhole level.

All the string sounds are the Yamaha.

Collen, I did that “guitar strum” at the end intentionally…I actually went back and re-recorded the line to make sure the strum was as “out of time” as possible, I wanted it to really clash rhythmically with the strings…so that the song seemed like it really ended but this crazy string section kept going off on some Stravinsky-esque tangent like they didn’t know the song was over.
Kinda ties in to the whole lyrical theme of the song “it’s not really over even when it seems so…death creates life…” etc.etc.


How would I raise the overall level of the recording in nTrack, or should I do that in Audacity?

Thanks for the great comments!!

Quote (jamesmgregg @ Jan. 18 2006,11:47)
How would I raise the overall level of the recording in nTrack, or should I do that in Audacity?

Do it in nTrack using a master limiter or Endorphin (both free).

Master Limiter


Add the Master limiter to the main channel. Watch your main db level bars on the botom and turn up your main level, you’ll see the lights come on the limiter. Adjust to suit your needs. I like to put the level around -3db. Endorphin is similar but allows you to tailor the sound more, sounds very nice on some pieces.

BTW, I got your ending, liked it alot.

I dig the ending…very Badly Drawn Boy-esque.