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hey guys… been a long time since i had the chance to post some of my own music. been spending so much time working on projects for other artists.

anyways, here it is. had a friend play the drum track a few months ago and recently added everything else myself. as always, comments on writing, performance, mix, and master are appreciated! :D


As usual :)

Nice! Great recording, love the chorus, nice harmonies. drums sound nice! Good crunch to the guitars. little guitar cord noise at the end, must be deliberate. :)

everything was great!

Sounds great to me (on my portable headphones)! Guitars sound fantastic; what setup did you use to record them?

guitars were done on a digitech genesis 3 with some custom presets i put together… recorded two rhythym tracks (the loud guitars) panned nearly hard left and right, using a slightly different distortion sound on each. i’ve tried a few other things with the genesis 3… i think at the time i may have ran the output of the genesis into an art tube mp preamp to change the sound a little (not sure on this).

there are some additional lead parts… for instance the “breeep breeep” sounds at the beginning and end were done by layering 3 guitar parts… low note, high note, and harmonic… most of that type of stuff comes from experimenting… not exactly sure what i did :p

oh… and i recorded into a gadgetlabs wave 8/24 card… i remember the drums were done at 16 bit for some reason, but everything else was recorded at 24 bit.


So guitars were recorded mic’d? I’ve been running the output of the amp to the line-in on the soundcard and clean sounds great but distorted sound pretty noisy. Few times I’ve been able to use the distorted sound because that’s how the song felt.

Double post.

whoops, i guess i wasn’t clear on that. no, they were not recorded mic’d. i’ll explain a little about what i do and why you’re experiencing what you are.

i record direct through a digitech genesis 3, which is a guitar fx processor. i basically plug my guitar into that, then the output of that right into my sound card (or in some cases another preamp, to color the sound a bit more).

the reason you’re experiencing a “dirty” sound from taking the distortion sound “direct” out of your guitar amp, is that the end tone of a distorted guitar relies heavily on the speaker portion of the guitar amp!

the neat thing about a processor like the genesis 3 is that it creates the distorted sound internally (like a guitar amp) but also simulates the effect that a speaker cabinet and mic would have on that sound… the end result being something closer to the tone you hear when playing out of a guitar amp. the fx processor also takes the guesswork out of positioning the mic in the right place to get the desired tone (this can be tweaked by simply changing settings on the fx unit).

SO, what i would recommend is actually micing the guitar amp if you want a better “distorted” guitar tone. you will have to experiment with mics, mic positioning, eq, etc. to get the sound you want. it can be frustrating at first and takes practice…

Dude, I caught myself humming today…

… “Said Maryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…”

:) Just thought you’d like to know. :)


So it’s a direct box. I was looking into those for a while then decided against it. Primarily because of financial reasons. I mean, if I’m about to drop some cash, I really wanna be sure I get that one thing that I would need and use the most. So I’m still looking at all kinds of gear. :)

Currently my recording gear is made up of my HP Media Center Edition PC, and my guitar and my Crate amp. I have one dist pedal, the cheapest one I could find. And that’s it.


“Said Maryyyyyyyyyyyy. ta ra ta, ta ta tan”