Hello all… this is my first song submission to the board.

This was mixed in N-Track. Please let me know what you think of the mix. I am still feeling out the software and a new pair of monitors and I’m still getting things calibrated.

I’m not used to these monitors so any feedback at all is appreciated, especially comments on the low end.

This was mixed pretty dry… any suggestions for effects to try?



I think that you have a good start. You are certain to get a lot of divergence in opinion on your mix, as the sound that each person wants to hear will differ.

With that said, there are a couple of things that I hear that you might try tweaking. The bass guitar seems to be a little too low (volume-wise) in the mix. I think that the low end equalization on the bass guitar is close, but it is hard to tell for sure until you bring up the level. Drums are so hard to record well. The kick drum in your mix is either too far back in the mix, or you’ve trimmed out too much of the high frequency pop and thus made it sound muffled (maybe a bit of both). The snare has a fairly flat sound. You might try bring out the snap of the strike a little bit by bringing up the high frequency. The recording of the guitars is nice. The vocal recording could use a little high frequency boost- just a touch though.

How loud are you running your monitors when you mix? I’ve heard it said that it is easier to get equalization right when mixing is done while listening at fairly low volume. How are your room acoustics? Monitors should be positioned away from walls and out of corners if possible. Mixing in a room with poor acoustics will still lead to poor EQ even if you have the very best monitors.

There have been several threads in the forum on acoustic treatment of rooms that are well worth reading.


thanks for your feedback. i’ll mess with the kick and snare a bit more. i also think, after taking some “space” from the mixdown that the vocal should come down a tad. when i listen to it on the laptop speakers the vocal comes through more than anything else.

Good tune. It sounds like an old-style 70’s punk tune, before it became all about crunchy guitars :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the best listening environment, but to me it sounds like the instrumental mix is OK. The vocals are also OK performance-wise, but don’t seem to mix in very well. They may have been mixed a bit too dry? Adding a bit of short delay or very short reverb to this channel will get it to sit back in the mix insteas of sounding like it’s being being sung directly into your ear :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve had a lot of luck getting a “dry” sound that sits together well, by soloting the vox and turning up the reverb till I can just barely hear it. That will giver just the right amount of subliminal reverb.

The vox sound that you are getting seems pretty typical of the classic SM58 style mic. It can give a very smooth, punchy vocal, but in this case it is not interacting with the singer’s tone and sounds a bit muffled. Try adding in some highs on the vox channel to see if you can make it sound a bit clearer?

Anyway, my 2c.