"Silence destructively" stops working, no reason?

Every once in awhile, I notice that the “Silence destructively” function will stop working.

Just now, I was editing a song, selecting parts of a vocal track using the “arrow” tool, then choosing “Silence destructively” to cut out background noise and pops…it was working just fine, and then as soon as I switched to a 2nd vocal track, it stopped working! I would select the part of the WAV, choose the function…and nothing would happen. Not only would the waveform not visibly change, but the WAV itself wasn’t edited, and the noise was still there.

I opened and reopened the file, checked the name and location of the original WAV…everything appears to be in order.

Any ideas why this is happening, am I doing something wrong or is this just a bug in the software?

I’m running 4.1.5 build 2041 on WinXP with a 1.5g P4, 728mb RAM, 250gb USB2 HDD.

Hi jamesmgregg:
I edit useing n-Track… I do “Silence”… but not “Destructively”… That’s a pretty aggressive operation… But it should work, all the time…

Can you try “Just putting the Volumn to 0” ?? See if that works? Just checking…


I had the same problem not too long ago. It seemed to work fine on everything I did in this one song except for one particular take; it just would not remove the noise. I silenced to zero instead which worked just as well.

But, I have to admit, that problem existing worried the snot out of me and if I tried it once, I tried it a hundred times to no avail. :p

I expect it is an n-track software problem.

Have you checked that the WAV file isn’t READ-ONLY?