"song Speed" function

Does it work?


has anyone used the “Song Speed” function under Track > Special?

I have a song where I’ve don the drums and guitars, but now it’s a bit too slow so need to increase the tempo slightly.

Rather than have to re-record everything I thought if I could speed it up without increasing the pitch it would be good… (lazy)

I tried the Song Speed function but it doesn’t seem to make any difference…


Changing speed with that is a function of DirectSound. You must be using the DirectSound I/O devices for it to work. It does work, but I haven’t used it enough to know how extensively it works. I’ve never done things like doing a mixdown or recording while using it. I’ve said for years - laterally - that I’ll try those things someday…where’s that :rolleyes: emoticon when you need it?

Oh… ok… then does anyone have any suggestions of the best (easiest) way to change tempo?

I’m thinking maybe just time stretch each wav separately in Cool Edit Pro…


I think that’s your best bet. That’s what what I’ve always done, though I haven’t done it very often. I’ve mostly used SoundForge for that but since the hard drive crashed a while back I haven’t reinstalled SF. Adobe Audition 1.5 (Cool Edit Pro became AA 1.0) does almost as good a job.

I finally tried a mixdown attempt at changing the speed and it just doesn’t work at all period. The mix is always the normal tempo of the song. I tried offline and while playing. If the song play normal tempo the mixdown file is produced, but if it’s playing at an alerted speed there is no mixdown file at all produced. Offline always create a normal speed file. One possibility to get around it might be to record the output to a new track while playing back at the altered speed. Of course who knows what speed the new track might think is correct. I didn’t get that far today.