"sputtering" effect

ok, this isn’t really an n-track thing (i don’t think so, anyway).

i’m looking for an effect (either a stomp box, rack-mount, or VST) that will give me a “sputtering” sound. what i’m after is something like what you hear on radiohead’s “everything in its right place” (from kid a) - that bit in the beginning and the end of the song, where it sounds like the vocal’s being run through a cuisinart on “pulse.” :^)

anyone know how to achieve this? it’s a terrific effect.

lemme know - thanks!


Try Sloper.

thanks, man - will give it a shot. do you know if i need midi to work it? (i don’t.)


Doesn’t look like it needs MIDI.

Don’t know the radiohead track but I have achieved a stuttering effect on vocals by cutting and pasting in a wave editor. I have SoundForge XP but the free Audacity probably will also allow it. Highlight and copy the bit of the wave you want repeated and paste it back in as many times as you need. In SoundForge you can “paste special” and paste over the existing recording; otherwise the inserted bits move everything else to the right which would bugger up the timing, if you know what I mean. For one song I got a neat effect by using a stereo wave for the central mono vocal then changing the pan position of each pasted piece, so the repeated stutter bounces around the stereo stage.
TusterBuster :)