"Wide effect" vocal trick

…made easy right in nTrack!

Clone the Voc track, pan wide L & R, apply nTrack Graphic EQ to one of the tracks. It works! I’ll be darned! :D :D :D


Another way -
Expand the mono vox track to stereo (in track properties).
Add the nT reverb plug and select ambience2
Adjust the early reflections and damping parameters (and experiment with the others) of the left and right channels individually to taste, but keep it subtle :D

Pasher’s way (which is what I do too) has the advantage that it sounds good when the mix is summed to mono.

Rick’s suggestion leads to a much more “effected” sound, which is probably as desired. However, remember to check the results in mono mode (there’s a button on the mixer panel to switch between stereo and mono). Mono is important because, if it sounds good in mono, it’s more likely to sound good at any point in a non-ideal listening room. Also, if someone converts your mix to lo-fi MP3 for webcast. Finally, any time you walk out of the listening room though a door, the music gets pretty much summed to mono.