"Writers block" finished?

lemme know…

Ok, so I’ve had another go at this, it was bugging me that it was plodding a little due to me slowing it down and it was also very bassy, the overall mix was so different to the sound of my other songs ‘0509’ for instance that I felt it needed to be made to ‘fit’ a little better.

So here’s what I did…

I recorded the guitar both through the mic and line, decided the line stank and so ditched that and cloned the mic’d track, panned it a little to each side and made one side bass heavy and the other side treble heavy, (I am hoping that they meet in the middle nicely!)

I’ve done pretty much the same thing with all of the vocal tracks and tried my6 best to have a go at panning, mixing and adding ‘just a little’ reverb. ok…so I will never be a sound engineer but at least I tried.

Your opinions?

“writers block” finished?

Ange x

It sounds much better than the 1st or second, I think you did really well, sounds good here! Well done!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I don’t know what to say. :agree:

Fantastic Ange.

Just over 3 minutes of brilliance :agree:

Well done!

Like your playing, and the song feels better faster.
Sounds good, added voice is very nice.
Messin with the mix is a good thing! Cool song Angie! I feel so used! :laugh:

Levi - I just love it when you’re all warm and sensitive. :agree:

It needs an UMPAH tuba, but other than that it’s very cool as-is.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 26 2009, 9:15 PM)

Levi - I just love it when you're all warm and sensitive. :agree:

:laugh: anything to wake her out of her writers block!
If that's a writers block I can't wait until she's hittin full stride!
Quote: (phoo @ Jun. 26 2009, 10:32 PM)

It needs an UMPAH tuba, but other than that it's very cool as-is.

:laugh: HA! I laughed soooo hard when I read this :laugh:

I have images of ol' "harold bishop" on his tuba doing a stodgy little dance on stage next to me HA! :laugh: (you guys got neighbours over there right?!)

ok....so I see your tuba and raise you a drum track?!

Tom....bass ???

Ange x

ps: thanks guys for all your ace comments xxx

Perfect in every way now Ange. Love it girl :agree:

If it were me playing with the faders, I would push the vocal harmony tracks up a little…

Just a little… :p :;): ???


Me Likes everything but the geetar Ange.
Just a tick “Boomy”

I’ve been humming a bloody tune all day and only now I’ve realised it’s ‘Writers Block’…!

Way to go Ange :agree:


a very clever song - i love it - all of it. i did not notice the boomy guitar on regular speakers however that might be different on studio monitors. my monitor amp is dead.

You have a great voice, and it is well recorded. The song is catchy. I like it. I agree with Yaz’s comment on the guitar. I think that there are some issues with the reverb on the song. I can’t tell if is room reverb or reverb you added, but the guitar sounds as if is recorded in a small room with reflective walls (short delay). I think that this accounts for the resonance that Yaz was hearing. Also, the vocal has very little reverb (perhaps close mic’d?) so the guitar and vocal don’t sound like they are in the same acoustic space.

Something to try: If the reverb on the guitar is not room reverb, I’d experiment with different settings to cut reduce resonance, and cut back in general on reverb on the guitar track. Then add just a touch of reverb to the main buss so that the vocal and guitar sound as if the are interacting with the same space. Just another duffer’s opinion…probably worth what you paid for it.

You do very nice work. I enjoy your recordings.