He was the man!

I wonder if they’ll find drugs.

Yes, he was inovative in so many ways. Just now listening to him riff with Mary on
"How High The Moon".

MAN… say it ain’t so…

Unfortunately, it appears to be true.

MSN Article

Bummer… R.I.P. Les. Thanks for all the innovation, talent and drive…


Hi Gents:

I’ve just now seen this…
What a loss this is, to the Music Industry… It’s So Sad…
I have a documentary that was done a few years ago on a DVD here…
The running time is at least 1.5 hours…
I don’t know the exact year…
but he looked remarkable on the documentary for his years…
I believe they were celebrating his 92nd birthday…
in one of the clips … He was out (that evening) doing a job at one of the Bars in Manhattan, somewhere…

Did the column happen to say what it was that took Him ????


It didn’t say… OR
did I miss something. ?

Photo #1 of the 48 that is posted on that news clip link that you posted is…
How I remember seeing him…

Quote of some mail I received earlier…

Guitar Legend Les Paul Dies at 94. Guitar legend Les Paul has died due to complications from pneumonia. Paul, known for an incredibly successful recording career and as the inventor of the electric guitar and multitrack recording, was 94.

According to the Associated Press, Paul passed away at White Plains Hospital surrounded by family and friends.


Sad loss.

It is sad indeed but 94 years… wow… and what a 94 years he had. He’ll be missed for sure but what a legacy to leave behind!


Oh…that is sad. I sort of thought he’d go one forever. Anyone ever go to one of his clinics, where he controlled an 8 track reel to reel from his guitar? He’d use an octave pedal to create a bass track, and bring along a young drummer…I saw this in like 1976 - man I thought that was cool.

His life should be a model for us all. How many people can you say that about?

I saw him in 77 at the Gibson factory employee party put on an amazing show.


I saw him in 77

I was 13 in '77... :p LOL... well, 14 in September... ya' ol' fart!

Heh-heh... love ya' Pops! You da' man... :)


I saw him and Danny Gatton play TOGETHER at a music store opening way back when.
If you never heard of Danny, he was about the most mind-blowing guitar player ever.
Check him out on the web. And the two of them together was something I’ll never
forget. Although I used to go see Danny a lot - as he played the Bethesda MD

Here are a bunch of clips of Gatton from his website:


Bethesda, MD, seven? Not to go off topic, but who else did you see around there? I understand there was some really good music there in the late 70s- early 80s.

It was an extremely vibrant entertainment mecca for a lot of different types of music. The local bars had bands that were just incredible. And Georgetown in DC had Blues Alley for premier jazz. Country, blues, you name it, on any weekend you had your pick of some really great ‘LIVE’ music. I found an old copy of the Washington Post newpaper ‘weekender’ section which would list all the clubs and who was playing. I mean it was five or six pages of nothing but club listings and who was playing. Now, musically, it’s like a desert. Too bad.

Around here it’s getting to where “Live Music” only means some half drunk guy in the corner with a laptop or drum machine and a beat up acoustic. A few I have heard are pretty good but most are TERRIBLE. I actually swore off one restaurant because every time we went there, the same one-man-band guy would be there and every single time, he’d pick up a saxophone and start playing “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger… ‘Doo-doop, de doooo-SCREEEE!!’ The guy should have sequenced the sax and played guitar… or something… better yet, he shoulda stayed home. Nothing, NOTHING grates on my ears worse than a poorly played wind instrument. Sax and Clarinet in particular.

Dang… it’s making me queasy just thinkin’ about that guy and his sax…


Seven - ever see the Razz?

I probably saw just about everyone who ever showed up. I am really terrible with names, - but RAZZ sounds familiar. Crank, Face Dancer, Root Boy Slim, Tom Pricipato,
Small Talk, Traktor, - there were just too many. There were guys who were pulling off
Hendrix pretty good, a lot of biker bands, plus every recording artist who was ever
alive. And not just weekends - it was every night. Very good times indeed.

D - I know that type. I used to hang at this one place and the owner hired one of those lounge type piano players. So we are all sitting at the bar after work one day,
and this bartender says 'If he plays ‘such and such’ again I’m gonna throw this bucket of ice at him. And sure enough the guy started playing some crappy tune, and
the bartender ‘Scott was his name’ just unleashed on the guy with a rain of ice.
Oh God - the player was HOT. And he came running over after Scott. It was something.
Yelling and screaming - and he left. We all just laughed.

What is up with some people? Can they not hear themselves? It caused a LOT of grief with my buds back in the day, but I would drag up on 'em real quick if they pulled out a tune I knew good and well we could not pull off with some “acceptable quality”. It’s one thing to stink at something, a completely different thing to stink and do it in front of a crowd anyway… :disagree:

There were times when I coulda used that bucket of ice…


The Razz - note that Tommy Keene was a guitarist at some point: