Radio gig...

Link to listen.

Hey guys.

Sorry I’ve been so ellusive lately, I’ve decided to take the dive and have been getting things ready to send to publishers. By the end of the week I should have sent off 100 letter and CD’s

Anyways, some of you might know that I was doing a gig at my local radio station, I thought that some of you might wanna hear it (if only to have a giggle at my nervous Somerset accent!) so here’s a link to a recording of it.

10 radio live session


Ange x

Enjoyed it Ange! :)

I really like the Mr. song Ange - great rhythmic lyric!
Glad to hear you’ve been workin’ on getting yourself out there.

Very Cool!!!

You be very lucky!

…sounds quite posh that accent from 'ere up north… :p

Great sounding!! Where’s the rest of it?

Well done!

Well, Mary and I put it on in the car, driving around yesterday, listened 2x, if you don’t get a big fat old contract there is no justice.

I soooooooo much hope you totally go for the brass ring, Ange. tell us how we can help.

Oh, one other thing - we learned we were mispronouncing your name. :)

lol - me too Tom - I thought it was Angy - Now I know it’s like Ange(lina).

Ange rocks, in a folkish-country sort of way.


Hi Ange:
Your Radio Host Done you proud… It’s a huge file for me to download… with a modem-and-dialup… But… I had to do it…



Can someone put up a small file, (less than a meg)
so I can hear what the lass sounds like?
My hi-speed computer cafe closed for good.
Anyway - congrat’s Miss (not for long) Hardy

ps. I’ll need only two tickets to the Grammy’s

Got it d’loadin’… will scope it later. Congrats Agne! Any press exposure is good!


Thanks guys

Glad you enjoyed the radio set.


I soooooooo much hope you totally go for the brass ring, Ange.

Hehe…had to do some googleing to find out what ya meant! I thought you were telling me to get married with a bit of ol’ brass on me finger lol

your Americanism has been noted, understood and appreciated…I do indeed intend to totally "go for the brass ring"

Thank you so much Tom for your support, thanks to all of you :) , I put all 76 packages in the post this morning, wish me luck

Ange x

I have it downloaded but got too busy to listen yet… I will though!

Good luck Ange!


PS Hey brass is cheaper than gold… :p

I thought the carousel metaphor quite apt - and was pretty certain you’d have to google that one!

Folk on, Ange!