Radon all gone!

Microphones are live again!

To celebrate our new found clean air, I did this:

“Return to Paradise”:


Originally it was going to be “Radon Man” and you can still hear the quote from the song by some British band or other…


Glad to hear it, that can be some nasty stuff!

keep shinin

jerm :cool:


Classic Tom spademan sound, great harmonies and lyrics, catchy and warm. yey :slight_smile:

Just need a real drummer.

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 06 2010, 6:21 AM)

Just need a real drummer.

Give us a year or ten and Amy may be able to help you....she got her very first drum kit for christmas this year, that girl has natural rythm

Trademark TomS tasty twang. :agree:
Only random thing I was wondering was if the use of the word “molecule” was intended as literal or figurative. It’s a great line- “I won’t miss a molecule” -in either case.


Also, here’s today’s effort, about playing at O’Kayz Corral in Madison in 1988 or so…