Raj, where are you?


Had this song in my head, by a friend from graduate school, Raj Thirumvengadam, don’t have a clue where he is now, which is too bad since I couldn’t remember most of the lyrics or the arrangement, since it was 15 years ago I last played it, but I did it anyway. If anyone knows Raj, send him the link!

If She Wishes:


Love the stereo guitars! Cool damped sound in the verses, The quality seems real good, great mix of clean sounds. Nice one!

Good stuff Tom, mix is excellent! :agree:

That opening lick works very nicely later on as a keyboard running theme Tom - very nice production - really like the tune too. Hope you find Raj!

nice alternating snare hit effects too - subtle but cool.

Yes, nice clean guitar solo.

I don’t know if it’s the mixes, the writing, the performances, or all of those and more, but I really do believe you’ve taken things to a higher level these past weeks or months. :)

It’s the new interface.
A MOTU 828mkIII.
Much better than the Aardvark Q10 sonically. Also, I’m feeling much better.

Some nice guitar stuff S! :agree:

Those are nice tracks TomS…

I agree with Kevin Myers…
It sounds like you’ve emerged from behind the stage curtain…
in the technical sense…
that is…

Are they all analogue tracks ????
OR are there some samples ?


Tom, is this your friend?

Any of these seem to be your friend?

Fingers crossed!

'til next time;

This one from your google search - but he left Simmons…


Quote: (woxnerw @ May 22 2009, 2:29 AM)

Those are nice tracks TomS..

I agree with Kevin Myers..
It sounds like you've emerged from behind the stage curtain..
in the technical sense..
that is..

Are they all analogue tracks ????
OR are there some samples ?


KIck and some snare hits are samples.

I tell you, the MOTU interface made all the difference.

That Motu is a serious looking piece of gear.

I like almost everything about it. It’s clearly designed for folks who have lots of preamps/channel strips already. I have quite a motley collection, but so far I’ve only used 4 tracks max at a time. Next week, however, I’ll be using all 8, so it’ll be the 2 built in preamps, Eureka, the UA box, and then…who knows? The only thing that hasn’t worked for me was updating the firmware. Some stupid error with windoze, I have it working, but not quite like it should. I also found that using the onboard effects (verb, comp, EQ) caused measurable latency. Not a ton - a few hundred samples - but still…

Anyway, I’m going to have this for a loonnnng time. :agree:

The guy that was the Solar Audio Studio
Tracker/MixerMan/Studio Operator when I was at the Musicstop way back when had a personal home setup/early version of the Motu 8-Track one rack space Hardware when they first came on the market… when P-11 machines were the rage…
He was equipped with SCSSI Drives and all…
As I understand, he rarely tracked with the setup…
but, he did many mix sessions and editing sessions using that setup…
He was so dissapointed when I told him I had gone the Lexicon CORE-32 direction…
I don’t know what Editing Software Motu supported back then…
I know Lexicon supported Stienburg…
It was the very day that Lexicon and Stienburg parted ways and I discovered n-Track… That same day Stienburg Canada removed my name from their user accounts… They used to have their warehouse/shop in New Market Ontario back then…
I know if I were to visit them today and they happend to recognize me they’d have me out on the street El Pronto…
I think they thought I had money that they needed…
I think it was two weeks later that RADAR Wayne moved on to RADAR…
It all seems so long ago

I’m seriously considering calling Ryan over at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne regarding this Motu Stuff…


There is some really great guitar work in this song. The keys at times cover up/detract from the wonderful guitar parts.

Care to share what mic and pre you are using for vocals? Very crisp very clear.


Thanks Duffman!

Mic: Rode NTK. Pre: Presonus Eureka. Motu 828 interface.

I also have a UA LA 610, but that mic really likes the presonus. In any case a better chain than a humble basement recordist deserves… :)

All very crisp and clear. Yes it does seem like the Spademan hit factory has stepped up a gear.
Nice song

Hope you find Raj!
Whats an interface?

The box between the mic preamp and the computer.