In the manuel in the FAQ section Flav said that ram does not affect N-track that much but the processor. just wondering, what would be the benifits of having plenty of ram in N-track? sorry guys for all this silly questions I know i have a lot too much questions.


it’s really all about bottlenecks. if you have a ton of ram and an ok cpu, the ram will fill up faster than the cpu, and it’ll have to wait. if you have a good cpu and not enough ram, the cpu will empty before the ram can fill it up again and again you’ll have to wait.

also harddrive speed is important, same concept. if one thing is too slow, the others will have to wait. that whole “you’re only as fast as the slowest person” kinda thing.

that said, many people recommend 1 gb of ram. more than that and windows ACTUALLY runs slower-can’t handle it all for some reason.

thanks g69! by the way i have 128 mb of ram running at windows 98 SE and an Asus mother board 750 mhz, do you think my machine can handle 1 Gig of ram? what do you recomend?


I wouldn’t spend alot on extra RAM with your current configuration, although another 128 MB would be good (assuming that you can still get compatible RAM). I would wait & save your $$$ for upgrading your entire system, rather than trying to beef up your existing one (which sounds rather old).

Mr Soul

thanks for the advice soul.