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old school or new skool? and why

Ok, if forced to put yourself generally in a camp, which are you?


i weent ta skool of recordin ard nocks.
old skool fer moi.
stuff the blinkin plug ins n fancy shmancy gizzies.
record it rite , off da blinkin floor wiv a band cookin up a storm. :D :D

All digital, tape is expensive. :;): But I did just fall upon a 1/4" reel to reel stereo deck I may just use for mastering.

I don’t have the finances, space or time to deal with a bunch of hardware stuff. I have my PC, Emu 1820m, cheapo Yammy keyboard, a few guitar processors, monitors, cans, mics and othe paraphenalia. I can toy with it all in my little 10 x 10 room. (That’s 10 Feet. I WISH it was 10 METERS!! :) :) )


at least it’s a 10 x 10 room, not a 10 square foot room! :D I always get that confused.


Quote (savingedmund @ Dec. 16 2004,13:49)
at least it's a 10 x 10 room, not a 10 square foot room! :D I always get that confused.


Boy I'd be in trouble then! I'd have to buy myself one of those little pocket studio things, wear cans and play standing up all the time!

10' x 10' = 100 square feet.....it SOUNDS like a lot. But it's not!


I switched over from 16 track fostex reel, tape is very expensive, digital is easier to use, less equipment needed, hardware breakdowns to expensive, editing more easy, more bucks left over for percs
new flat-top
new dobro
new mics
1 roll of 1/2 tape is 50bucks, I don’t miss this at all
no.1 best of all, you don’t have to splice!

I too am like TG in terms of equiptment… In fact all my recording to date has been direct in, not even closed mic’ed


Although I voted for new school, it seems there is a response which should be added - both sch/k/ools! I record exclusively in the digital domain, but I record mostly live signals - instruments and voices in front of microphones. Or guitars through amp simulators. Where do these fit in the spectrum between all digi and all analog?

tape=wow and flutter. and hiss. and lesser dynamic range, unless you have very good (expensive, iow) gear. OTOH, some of the most wonderful music ever recorded was with tape, so it isn’t all bad! I recently read that the original Animals recording of ‘House of the Rising Sun’ was recorded live with four mics through a small mixer then straight to tape - and it sounds great! It really is all about the performance, not the media, imho…

'til next time;
Tony W

Who needs old school? I spent (wasted?) a lifetime in the analogue domain.

The voice, and most instruments, are analogue.

But the sooner you can get those converted into digits the better IMO.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Make the perfect (ish) clean, direct to disc (note correct spelling :p) recordings you can, then, it’s fun time! LOL