re-reg: Clean uninstall

I paid to officially register my version of ntrack a month ago. (16 bit, not the 24 bit version.) I’m still getting the organ sound. According to the FAQs, it was because I’m using ASIO drivers. I tried the WDM drivers. I’m still getting the organ sound. The program confirms in various dialog boxes that it is officially registered to me.

I tried removing the program and reinstalling it. But even before entering the registration codes, the program “remembered” my name and some presets on effects and stuff. (And I was still geting the organ sound after re-inputting the codes)

Anybody know why recording 16 bit with WDM drivers still generates that organ tone? Anybody know how to remove all traces of the program so I can do a clean reinstall? (I tried the Windows “Remove Program” followed by deleting the FAsoft folder in Program files, but the program still remembers me someow…)


There is a folder— C:\Documents and Settings*Your USERNAME*\Application Data
-Track Studio. This is a hidden system folder so you may have to adjust your folder display options to see it. Navigate to the folder and delete it. Un-install n-Track, run a registry cleaner if you have one. If you don’t many around here recommend CCleaner and reboot. Reinstall and re-register n-Track.

If that don’t do it… drop Flavio an email or post using the ‘SUPPORT’ button over there on the left.

Good luck!