Real basic: How to move a node, etc.

New version, new way?

I’ve been using NTrack for years, but in this new version, I can’t click on a volume envelope node and drag it into position unless I have no selection. Otherwise, I find I am drawing a NEW selection.

And once I drag the node (which takes extraordinary care not to end up drawing a new selection again), I don’t know how to change the nature of the envelope (from logarithmic to straight). I used to just right click on it and choose, and it only affected the portion between the two nodes. (Is my memory playing tricks on me? I also use Acid–not the drug, the program–though I’m beginning to wonder!)

I have searched through the directions, but they seem to be written for people that already know the most essential information. They tell you what to do, with without context sometimes.

Can anyone supply this really basic stuff? Maybe I’m supposed to change the tool I am using in order to select a node?

I really need help so I can get my work done! Thanks!

I’m using Win 7, 64 bit.

Right click brings up a selection menu (envelopes) for how you want to enter-act with the nodes.

Hi, thanks, I think my main problem was that a node was in a position that made it difficult to “grab” with the cursor. I kept experimenting and “got the touch” to be able to control other nodes. So my assumption that things had changed so much was just an attack of paranoia. ??? So there’s no “tool” issue or anything like that, at least.

Oh, and I like that option to minimize or maximize a volume envelope node. That way you don’t have that old problem with managing nodes at the bottom of the timeline.

And you can type in a setting! Really a nice feature.

Oh! I’m glad to know that! XLNT.

You can also size the box of the node to make it easier to grab. When dealing with stereo tracks the copy and paste function is very handy as well. Example: Do one track, say the left channel and copy and paste to the right channel.