real time effects - anyone managed non-delayed ?

i know you can plug in a guitar and play with any direct x effects applied to the sounds straight away in real time but with most sound cards there is a lag, a time delay.

has anyone a) ever managed to get a perfect non delayed sound ?

b) what is the cheapest soundcard anyone has ever got doing this.

this would be cool if it worked as it would save me as a guitarist a fortune on pedals and what not !

cheers now

It’s not so much the soundcard it’s self, rather how well the drivers are written, the performance level of your computer and the buffer settings.
The delay you are getting is what is called latency.
The users manual gives some information on lowering latency.

btw, you’ll NEVER get a perfect non delayed sound. there will always be some latency, but you CAN make it so small you don’t notice it.

Yeah we all live in the past…literally, reality is always delayed! :cool: