Really, Advantages of 4.1 over 4.0

Is it just a Midi upgrade?

I am using 4.0.5 (build 1846) and it is working well. The new version seems to depend on the MS Net runtime V2.0. I’m reluctant to install that Net software (unrealistic concerns probably). But . . .
My main reluctance is the upgrade seems to be about midi, something I don’t use and when I try to use it, I have gotten huge lags with Ntrack. Setting up midi seems to foul up the audio performance (probably doing something wrong but don’t know what.)
So, is the version I have the one for Audio people, or are there benifits I haven’t seen?

Well, for one, there’s support for surround mixing… - better support for multi-threaded CPU’s… - More mixer goodies, and, as far as I can tell, a lot of “honing out” old bugs etc.

- Still not perfect, though, but getting asymptotically close now…

regards, Nils

4.1 introduced a change to the way mixers are set up… allowing multiple customizable mixers, etc. this generated a bit of bugginess that was not present in 4.0.5… at least for me (build 1846 was very stable for me).

i have reported every last crash and now i’m finding the more recent builds are working nicely. i also do not use midi within n-track, so i can’t say if there has been a major improvement there or not.