really basic problem - copying into existing track

new version, old brain – help!

I’m feeling really REALLY stupid – although I’m a longtime n-Track user am doing something wrong that’s ridiculously basic.

I just built a new computer using new motherboard/CPU and existing Audigy 2ZS. Loaded latest version of n-Track. My vocal tracks are recording and playing back okay. BUT I must have a setting wrong, I cannot copy from one track to another to patch in corrections. Every “copy - paste” is getting me a new track. Have combed through things several times, rebooted, etc.

Anyone have a thought on what settings I need to change?

in harmony, sing4you

What you describe sound like the way the application is supposed to work. Perhaps you should restate what you are trying to do.

Sorry about not enough description. What I use n-Track for is making learn tracks for singers (four vocal tracks in general). For each vocal part, I record the song (call it Track 1), review and then patch that track to make sure every note is correct, in tune and in tempo. That requires singing a phrase again (call it Track 2) and patching in that corrected phrase from Track 2 into the existing Track 1.

Been doing this for years and it’s not working now … I’m presuming I messed up a setting.

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I mentioned this to Flavio in an e-mail a little while back. This is the question and relpy:

At 15.38 16/03/2006, you wrote:

BTW: I would like to be able to select a part from a track, copy it and paste it to a specific place on another track. Everytime I paste, it pastes the part on a new track and then I have to drag it to the appropriate place. It would be more logical and intuitive to copy the part you want, select the track you want to paste it to, click on the timeline where you want to insert the part and then paste it there. Could you implement the paste function in this way?

His answer:

If no track selection is present the program pastes to a new track but you should be able to paste into an existing track by selecting the target position by dragging with the mouse over the desired portion of the existing track and then pressing Ctrl+V.

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.

However still cannot get it to behave the Flavio says it should.

Okay, finally figured out what to do to copy a track portion into another track (on a PC). Seems to take an extra step than I’ve done before but gets me where I want to go precisely and quickly. Here’s the sequence:

On main toolbar, be sure the arrow button (allows mouse selections in track) is set ON.

Click in the track you want to copy FROM to make that track active. In the active track, use your mouse or click edit on main menu and use “enter selection” button (more precise) to highlight the portion you want to copy. Hit either Control-C or edit/copy (main menu).

On main toolbar, click on the crossed arrow button to shift edit modes (intended to drag timelines sideways but also works for this).

Click in the track you want to copy TO, to make that track active. Hit either Control-V or edit/paste (main menu).

in harmony, sing4you

Ok, I see how it works now too. Not very intuitive, in my opinion. I thought I should be able just to click (the border of the selection becomes white) once on the part, then copy it. You have to HIGHLIGHT it as was decribed above.

I tried it a few different ways and I found that I don’t need to switch to the “cross arrow” it seems to work just fine if I leave it on the single arrow selection.

I’ve been using the program for years. This will make things easier now.


Highlite the part you want, then hit control c to copy.
Then highlite where you want it to go and hit control v to paste.
If your using the grid it will snap right in place,