recording playback

i’m starting a recording session. it’s been a few months and i guess my settings have gotten changed. why can’t i hear the recording as it’s being recorded??? please help.

ignore me, i’m officially a dumbass

ok, nevermind, don’t ignore me. :o) my recording sounds like shit. it sounds like it’s clipping, but according to the vu-meter in n-track and the vu meter on my pre-amp, it’s not even coming close to clipping. i’ve tried switching drivers on the soundcard, no luck.

If you are running WDM or MME drivers…did you try increasing the buffers in n-Track Preferences?


Is your playback being looped back into the input as you record?

This was the cause of simular problem I had, however at this late hour, I don’t remember the cure. It had something to do with the settings in the PC’s mixer.