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Quick step by step

I know the subject has been “touched on”. Can anyone do a quick step by step for using Reason with NTrack? The only way is to create the track in Reason then export it as a mid or wav file, then import it to NTrack? Or, if I start a track in N, how do I use Reason to play along and record? So far, it seems I have to do whatever I am going to do in Reason FIRST, then add my other tracks. The “rewire” thing and the “aux” thing my Protools son keeps talking about are confusing me. I really want to use Reason so some sort of enlightenment or tutorials would be a great help.



Well, I actually do use reason to make .wav files and import them to n-Track, but that’s partly because I got used to working that way years ago with Fruity Loops. You can load Reason as a Rewire device, which is essentially like using it as a VSTi or DXi instrument. Go to Add Channel/Add Rewire Device/Reason. Check the help re VSTi instruments for more. There may also be info on the Reason homepage ( regarding teh use of reason as a Rewire device.

So, doing it like you do (which is how I do it at this point), does that mean your Reason tracks have to be done first in the creative process? And then add other tracks to that?

1) Reason Drum track (in reason, export to N)
2) Reason Subtractor (in reason, export to N)
3) Guitars, vocals etc (in Ntrack added to Reason
I guess what I am wondering about is wether or not I can use Reason to play along with Ntrack AFTER I have all of my other tracks done…like if I want to add a reason drum track or synth track to a nearly complete Ntrack project?..

Yup…Enough confusion here to share with everyone…

I will check the propellerhead site and look for rewire references.

Thanks for the time…



It irritates the crap out of me when people don’t read user manuals and help files. :angry:

I downloaded the ‘new’ Ntrack user manual and there it is…section 2.5.6…how to use a rewire device :p

I don’t know if the directions work or not, but, geeze, you would think I would read the user manual… :O

I’ll give it shot…

Sorry bout the unneeded post.


I don’t see why you HAVE to do the reason tracks first…
I typically write with my bass, since I’m a bass player.
So I plug my bass into N, also I have a pedal with a simple drum machine in it, that i use to keep time, and determine the tempo’s of the songs.
Then lay down the song structure, and once you have your parts down, guitar, bass, whatever, you can add Reason as a Rewire device, and modify Reason while it’s playing along with the n-tracks.
you could even use Reason as a metronome in the beginning, or setup a simple 4 beat or something…

When you open Reason as a Rewire, then the tempo, and the tranport buttons are synched with Ntrack, but you can start/stop record with Reason just like when you run it in stand alone. it’s just that N-track plays along with you.
exporting wav files to and from restricts your creativity I think. You can’t make any adjustments to the individual tracks from Reason when they are all mixed down to one .wav

This website has some helpful documentation:
Reason Help Page

Patt…very helpful link…thanx


So, doing it like you do (which is how I do it at this point), does that mean your Reason tracks have to be done first in the creative process? And then add other tracks to that?

Sort of. It’d be more accurate to say I use them simultaneously. I toggle back and forth between n-Track and Reason (and Encore) while I’m working. It’s not the only way I work, but typically I’ll sketch out the parts and arrangement on guitar in n-Track against a very basic drum beat (a click track), which is usually a 2 or 4 bar loop created in Reason. The I’ll go to Reason and flesh out the drums to sound more realistic, include fills and play accents as if they were part of the song. I’ll export that as a .wav, then got to n-Track and import it there. If there are instuments other than guitar and bass, I’ll work those out in Reason too. I also frequently work parts out in Encore, because writing complicated stuff is easier in manuscript than multiple pages and instruments in piano roll. From Encore, I can create a midi file to import into Reason.

I see what you are saying, Captain, and your way, as with the link from Patt, also makes sense. I finally got a friend (a PT guy) to come over and show me some pretty cool things that can be done with Reason. I think I’m gonna like it…just have to remember to not get “carried away” with it…know what I mean?

Thanks again for the tutoring…


I’d actually encourage you to get carried away with it! :D
There are some tools that do so much of the work for you that it can be easy to fall into letting everything sound generic. That’s kind of how I feel about Sony Acid, which is a program that I like but use sparingly. Reason isn’t like that, in my opinion. It’s just a very versatile set of tools to help you create music.