Reason as a Rewire host?

Question before buying

I currently use reason 2.5 to compose rap/hip-hop beats. I notice a low sound quality when i export from reason. I was wondering how to setup REWIRE so i can export all the work i did in reason, through N-TRACK so i dont have the low SQ i’ve been getting from reason?

And any advise, tips, or links for info on rewire would be GREATLY appreciated as well.


I use Reason 2.5 as well and to be honest I have alot of lock-up and shutdown problems when using the rewire feature. I have a 2.0ghz P4M/512ram laptop setup and it takes its toll on the CPU. I’ve given up on it (rewire) until a more stable build arrives in N. I ussually just export individual tracks from Reason as audio and EQ/Master the waves in Ntrack. So in all honesty I’ve not witnessed it to work extraordinarily well but it does work, and maybe better for you if your setup is really modern (ie. 3.0ghz processor/1gb ram/etc.)