rec/playback meters weird

was recording,and my screen goes dark,cept for the cursour,get back to n track an the record an playback meters are not anything like they had been…anyone have this happen?maybe know what went wrong?

somehow now, i have 5 diferent playback meters…whats happend,???

Hey Wozz, the waves on my tracks change from the way they are suppose to look to a fuzzy darker shade, also on playback sometimes the sound quits alltogether. This is all since I upgraded to the last build. Don’t know what’s going on. I’m using WDM drivers thought that might be the problem but their up to date, I also upgraded my video drivers but still having the problem.


turns out,my creative sound card somehow disco’d on me ,just a tad,by the looks of it,it wasnt loose,but a test of it turned up a ‘fail’,so i took it out,installed it again,and everything turned back to what i consider normal,what the strange look was about was that nthought i had 8 inputs selected,so a diff meter for every input i guess,which will make it look all kindsa funny,whew,glad i sorted that out