Recommedations for PCI card/N-Track

I have searched the forum and the Wiki. There are suggestions for PCI audio cards at the Wiki. However the Wiki seems somewhat outdated. I’m currently using a Audigy 4 sound card with “Asio4All” drivers and things are working 96k/24 bit, however I would like to have a dedicated card with 1/4’ balanced inputs for my guitar instead of using the standard 1/8’ adapter and my line in on my sound card. Any suggestions would be great. I have limited income so the best bang for the buck would something I’d be looking for. Many thanks,


I’ve rarely had the issues other have had after going through three different cards (all PCI).

The PCI cards are HERE.

I’m considering getting the M-Audio Audiophile 192. I this an OK card and will it work in N-Track? Any thoughts on this card?


Hi,A lot of n-track users over the years have used the PCI m-audio cards. I’e been very happy with a Delta 44 then a Delta 1010.

Have to agree with phoo (Dr. Phoo) on the EchoAudio, works great with nTrack.

I recently switched to E-Mu and have been nothing but problems. I think it’s a Creative issue.

Yaz :cool:

I agree on the Echo audio. I have an old Layla 20 and a newer layla 24. They still work great with everything. I’ve tried others with different results and always returned to my trusty Layla. You can find them on Ebay at good proces sometime. The Layla 24 can also be run from a laptop Cardbus, PCMCIA slot not Express card slot. Makes them really nice.

Thank you all so very much for responding to my questions. The Layla cards are a bit too much money for my blood, so I got the M-Audio Audiophile 192. Interestingly enough this card supports 192,000hz at 24 bit, which N-track supports, I assume. Should be very interesting to see If I can actually record at this high level :whistle: . Again, many thanks to all who offered advice. :agree:


Well I had to return the card. There are no good cards from what I see. This card presented me with several problems. First, no gain on input, which means I’d have to supply an amp to the signal, this also held true for the the mic. To further aggravate the situation the AISO driver doesn’t support any recording levels in it’s input. This means I can’t record what I’m hearing from third party programs, it only records the dry un amped signal. The are no recording options in the control panel only un amped output levels.

To use this type of card I would have to amp both mic and guitar, feed them out of the card to a mixer and then to a set of monitors. If I want to use any thrid party programs, of course using the programs as a VST in N-track is ok as well but over all I get better sound whan I have control over inputs and outputs within the sound card. I was very disappointed in my final results and had to return the card.

I’m currently running the Audigy 4 pro with “ASO4ALL” drivers, this allows me to use the wave out in stereo for recording all my third party programs, with the option of using VST’s within N-Track and I can record at 96k@24bit but with some clinks and pauses which don’t happen all the time. It’s a bit of pain but is tolerable and I can record clean. It would’ve been nice to record at 192k@24bit but I don’t see this in the cards.

Thank you all who responded to this thread.


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