recommend a USB interface for laptop

Hello all!
Can anyone recommend a decent USB interface for a laptop? I’m only looking to be able to record up to 2 tracks at a time on location. The laptop is a fairly new Dell running XP (32b) and I have n-Track v4, build 1845 installed. I’ve been looking at either the Lexicon Lambda or the Tascam US-144 and was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience, good or bad.
Much appreciated!!

I’m all Tascam - all the time here for a recommendation. 122 is good too. Can’t go wrong in my book.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 12 2009, 11:48 AM)

I'm all Tascam - all the time here for a recommendation. 122 is good too. Can't go wrong in my book.

Yup... Tascam US-122L here and used to have a first gen US-122. Both solid, reliable units. The older US-122 is on permanent loan if you knowhattamean? :laugh:

Great little boxes.

The EMU Tracker Pre gets good reviews but the hardware doesn't look very sturdy. I've schlepped my 122's over thousands of miles in my laptop bag and not broken anything.


PS The 144 and 122 are identical EXCEPT the 144 has S/PDIF I/O for digital to digital transfers if you need/want that kind of thing.

Thank you both!

Some of the reviews that I’ve read on both Tascam units was that the gain for the pre’s wasn’t that great. Would you agree?

I have only my line 6 to compare it to and it’s comparable.
It goes to digits anyway so it can be dealt with if you find it low. My old 122 was great don’t think I ever ran my in’s up all the way - they have clipping indicators also.

Ditto… never a problem for me… Line In, Dynamic mics, Condenser mics… all worked well so I can’t really comment on the preamp gain other than I never experienced any difficulties getting acceptable levels. The mic pre’s are pretty ‘neutral’ IMO… They’re pretty transparent.

Oh yeah, the US-122L/144 is USB 2.0 “Hi-Speed” which means they can do sample rates up to 96k versus the first generation 122 which was limited to 48k. Just thought I’d throw that out there for you. Personally, given the kind of stuff I usually record I don’t use 96k but the capability is there if you want/need it.


Thanks again! This is a tremendous help as I’ve been leaning towards the Tascam anyway. It looks like the 144 also has independent volume controls for the line out and headphones where the 122 looks like it’s a single knob. For the extra $20, I think I’ll go with the 144 and have the S/PDIF anyway.
Thanks again for sharing!

Yep - the one ‘balance’ computer/input knob takes some getting use to but it works real well.

Good choice!