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Young wannabe recorder

My 10 year old niece who is a keen singer wants to record herself.
She has asked what she needs?

Basically, she wants to record herself singing to pre-recorded backing tracks rather than write her own backing music.
So, do you have any recommendations?
Bear in mind that it needs to be simple enough for a child to use without a lot of help.
We have recorded her using NTrack and a backing CD she had but I think the PC/NTrack/Interface is too much for her.
I’m wondering if something like this Tascam portable studio would be best for her:

Tascam DP-004

But I don’t have any experience of them.

Any advice gratefully received.

A friend has either this model or a slightly earlyer one - great fun. I’ve owned a few portastudios but the great thing about the new breed like the one you linked is the connectivity (guitar input, usb…) which makes the whole thing more expandable. Ok, she won’t need to buy a mic etc but I cant help thinking, price concidered, all things being equal and an ‘SB live’ card off ebay that she would love n-Track all to herself:-)