Record from DVD?

Need to record sound from DVD into nTrac

Any one know how to route the sound from a DVD playing in your PC into nTrack? I borrowed a music DVD and want to learn a couple tracks. Just need to capture the audio.

David Berchtold

Here’s a tutorial that may help - Convert a DVD soundtrack to an Audio CD

It should work if you are talking about merely getting the sound off of a convential Video DVD. Audio DVDs use a different file format (AOB vs VOB) and I doubt that the software listed here will work with AOB files.

Of course, if you’re just trying to learn the songs it would likely be easier to simply hook up the audio output from a standard DVD player to your PC’s soundcard and use nTrack to record the parts you want. It means losing a generation (Digital to Analog to Digital) but that won’t matter for your purposes.

You shouldm’t need to do any conversion. Just make sure n-Track is set to record sound from your soundcard and you’ll be able to recorde direct from the dvd playing in the PC’s dvd drive - I’ve just done it, woithout any hitch

Quote (achuka @ Mar. 12 2005,15:38)
Just make sure n-Track is set to record sound from your soundcard

That's the part I need help with - details please?

Some soundcards have a recording option in the soundcards mixer to record what your hear when playing. It’s called different things by different cards. I think some SoundBlasters call it “What-U-Hear”. Some soundcards don’t have it at all. It’s in the same place where you select mic or line.

Anyway, select that and you’ll be recording any sounds that play while recording, including system sounds.