Recorded tracks playback not working

Loud ‘n’ clear, Bax. Why is that the case with xp restore points?
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HEy pg,

did this ever get sorted?

we often assume that since people don’t come back to the thread it must have been worked out…but, for the benefit of future readers it’s nice to know HOW if it did.

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My contribution to the topic - I have exact same issue. when i click the recording button (recording text is blinking) recording meter show reaction from the mike, but absolutly notning is recorded on a new song or after open an old song and try to add one more track. Big issue for be as I have to start a a big projects in few days. By the way - nothing is changed on my DELL Laptop.

Hi Krysoe. Have you ‘armed’ the track that you are trying to record on and routed it to your sound card?

Pumpingman! How’s it coming along?

Also make sure that “Transport/Record Mode” is set to “Audio” or “Audio + MIDI”, not just “MIDI” (default is Audio+MIDI).

Also try selecting “Record to a new track” in the popup menu that appears clicking on the small red circular button in the Recording Vumeter window (if hidden you can show the window by selecting the “View/Recording vu-meter” menu command).
If the problem persists please try to reinstall the latest version of the program that you can download from
When launching n-Track after the installation please answer “No” when the program asks you if you want to keep existing settings, so that the default settings will be restored.