Recorded years ago on N-track v. 4.x

Well, here it is. I wrote this song 20-ish years ago. My best friend’s parents had recently divorced and his younger sister was having some real trouble coping (school problems, getting into trouble, etc.) It struck me that no 13 year old should have to deal with what she was seeing in life and so I was inspired to write this song. We performed it with our band and she loved it—and so did our fans (both of them lol). I recorded this some years ago on N-track v. 4.x with a cheap desktop mic, stock soundcard, an $80 keyboard, P.O.D. 2.0, mid grade electric guitar, $70 acoustic guitar, no room treatment, a rabid mongoose biting at my feet, and a grizzly bear in the room eying me up. All instruments/vocals were played/sung/programed by me. It’s called “Young Eyes”. Enjoy (or don’t).

Young Eyes

wow that was fantasticaly good joe… are you having us on… you really did that 20 years ago on crap gear with ntrack?
i thouht it was outstanding… great song great playing great singing & recorded & mixed so well
so have you got better in the years since? what are stuff are you doing now?

Thank-you very much! It’s completely legit, as described. I wrote it 20 years ago but recorded it less than 10 years ago. Haven’t recorded much lately. I was without gear for a while…been building back up lately. Trying to figure out ntrack 6. Way different than 4! I still play though. I do session work here and there.

Doh, now I’m confused. I commented in the other thread. :)

Hi, Joe. Great all round - and a fantastic voice.
You got any more?

Maybe. As soon as I get ntrack drums working…;f=4;t=9995