Recording 8 tracks at once


I am a rather new user to n-Track. I have a Sony 1 pc computer. In other words the original sound card is what I will have to use. Can you make suggestions as to what type of interface I need to buy to be to record 8 tracks at once?

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer me.

Jay Arnold
Plainfield IN

I am wanting to record rehearsals with a track for each instrument live and be able to mix and adjust after the fact. I have been reading some of the forum and looks like I need a USB 2.0 mixer or a Firewire mixer?


Hi jayarnold:

You need to invest in some audio hardware to do what you have in mind…
There is
many external and internal cards to consider…
If I were gonna invest in this stuff today, I would consider going into your music store and ask some questions and see what they have and would recommend for your applications…
Make sure you have your computer specifications with you…
e.g. Operating system You don’t want to spend any money on audio hardware only to find out it wouldn’t work with your computer…
Wrong operating system not enough ram or that kind of limitations…TonyR and TomS, phoo and Levi are just but a few guys here on this Board that have some pretty nice setups… A guy who just upgraded into some nice stuff, who is around here, is germ… He hangs around here from time-to-time…

Maybe, they can reply here and add some suggestions as to what might work for your setup…
These guys are pretty SHARP…
No moss growing under their shoes…

Anyway, spend your money wisely…


EDIT… A nice site to check out is Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne IN… Somewhere handy where you are… I’ve delt there several times…

Jayarnold. Hi. Suppose you’re looking at somthing like this;- ?

It helps to know what kind of budget you are looking at.

If it was higher end I would go with the Metric Hallow 2882.

If it is a low budget option I would go with the M-Audio ProFire 2626 or a Steinberg MR816 X

There is a lot more to consider in PC based recording than just the converter, good preamps are going to make the difference between a flat lifeless sound and one with warmth and mojo.

If you already happen to have a bunch of great pre’s laying around (API’s, Neve, Altec, Trident, Sytek etc etc) and are on a low low budget you could pick up a MOTU MKII on fleebay for under $150 and be up and running on 8 tracks in no time.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Thanks for all the suggestions ! Great forum.

I ran across a Tascam 1641. Anyone have opinions on those?


Tascam 1641 I’m sure I would love one! I like tascam, but this does look slightly limited by only having two 1/4 inch jack inputs.
That’s not a big deal.
But supposing the bass and guitar or possibly even a second guitar what direct lines in.
Most of the time I’m recording my guitar and bass tracks both in stereo.
I don’t own a spdif cord and that would help.
I don’t have to record in sterio, just like to for full effects from my digital processor.
In fact for studio situations, my digital processor is my amp.
But if your an acoustic band, this is great.
If you mic everything and will always mic everything it’s nice!
If you pick up a spdif cord that could help in a pinch.
‘food for thought’

I’ve had great luck with these.

Hi Sound on sounds website could be your friend see tascam review.

If you want a one box solution there are any number of multi channel sound cards with Mic preamps from M-audio, Tascam, Echo, RME, Cakewalk, etc

What I found as I progressed with was I needed to set up various different monitoring feeds for the musicians and I ended up buying a second hand mixer to do this and I fed an M-audio Delta 1010 sound card from the insert sockets of the mixer (with specially wired Cables).

Monitoring can be via a hardware or software route. With software monitoring you can suffer delays (latency) depending on buffer settings.

You can set up hardware monitoring with some sound cards, I think the whole issue of monitoring would strongly guide my choice of what to buy.

I can ‘second’ phoo’s tip on the ECHO gear.

I bought the 1641. Have very good luck with it. It came with Steinberg Cubase LE5. Easy to work but way to stripped down to do any good with. My next step is to get some kinda auto tune to repair my singing. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Doesn’t crash… super efficient… ReaTune for pitch correction built right in. Less money than Antares, Melodyne etc…


Another vote for ReaTune here. It works wonders with vocals and they are constantly updating the underlying engine (elastique). Wish it was a plugin that would go into n-Track. This was one of the feature requests for v. 6 (pitch correction plugin) that never materialized (sigh).


No… you don’t need a ReaTune plugin for n-Track. You need n-Track plugged into the Recycle Bin.


So, why are you hanging out on the N-Track site? Should n_Track users go to the Reaper site and post negative comments? I’ve been to the site, tried Reaper and I like N_track better, but I am NOt hijacking some one else’s site to make negative remarks about their product while advertise someone elses product. – Poor manners and Bad form in my book.

Quote: (bax3 @ Jul. 16 2010, 1:55 PM)

Should n_Track users go to the Reaper site and post negative comments?

Yes *ducks*

Hi Sax3y,

A guy asked about pitch correction software. I gave him a fine alternative at less cost versus Antares, Melodyne etc… Just trying to help a brother out. n-Track doesn’t have it. Despite it being on the “it’s coming” list for a YEAR or longer.

The other comment? SOMEBODY has to speak up about n’s failings. You four or five fan boys apparently are not going to.


Should n_Track users go to the Reaper site and post negative comments?

If you want to go to the Reaper forum and make negative comments about n, be my guest. You won’t find any sympathetic ears though.


Vernon P. Esdagoint
Quote: (VPesdagoint @ Jul. 15 2010, 6:52 PM)

No... you don't need a ReaTune plugin for n-Track. You need n-Track plugged into the Recycle Bin.



Well, I should know not to feed the trolls - but because your are incapable of recognizing when you are rude - the comment to throw away N-track is my objection. Not the comment that you are disappointed that a feature has not been added.
Suggestions for improvements can be made and are welcome.
Sorry you don't get it. I was wrong to mention my objection.