recording & monitoring problem

recording & monitoring problem

When I have recorded one track and I am trying to record second one with first track coming playback (monitoring it), my first track is recording same time on the second track. So on my track2 I have now two tracks in one track, if you know what I mean. How can I monitor my earlier recorded tracks while recording new ones without recording them aswell to the new track. I think some settings must be wrong. Audio record/playback devices maybe? I just don’t no so much about those… So if anyone can help me with my problem / settings I would be thankful. I have SB Audigy 2 soundcard, if that means anything.

Yeah … you need to set the Creative mixer to record from the input you are using.
Not “What U Hear” or “Stereo/Mono Mix” … it needs to be set to the physical input you use (Mic or Line in).

There are two things that might be going on here. One is in the creative mixer there is a setting to record “what you hear”. If you have this set then you will record anything going thru’ the sound card. The second thing may be if you are using ASIO drivers you have an asio channel selected that records “all audio”. The catch with the audigy is that ASIO channels 3&4 are just that - they record “all audio” (great for recording output from a midi-synth) . If you are using the pro version of the card you have to select ASIO channels 1&2, 17&18 and 19&20 and disable all the rest to record on the three analogue inputs simultaneously.