Recording Amps


Well, I know you all have your favorite solutions for recording loud sounds in apartments with unappreciative neighbors, but I just splurged and ordered one of these little beauties:

Little Lani Lei:

It was between this an a Dr. Z amplifier in the end. Been cogitating on this for a while. :)

Hi Tom:
That’s the perfect amp for tracking in the studio… Any bigger than that and it would be too big. There are guys here on the board that put there amps in the closet and wrap blankets and all around them but this amp doesn’t even need any of that…

I’ve seen these stages where there are “Walls” of monster amps and speaker cabinets… and it makes the drummer riser look like a postege stamp… You’ve seen them… You know… :O :;):

But follow the wire that comes from their Peddle-Board… It goes down under the stage and into a “Road Case”…

There’s where you are gonna find the “Meat-and-Potatoes” The guy uses a Black-Faced Deluxe Amp… or a “Pignose Amp”… with a Shure SM-57 mic in front of IT…

Ya know… you’re up against IT now… We’re gonna want to hear some “Stellar Tracks” from your set-up… at your earlist post…


Sure… you see the guitar player standing on a "Step-Stool’ adjusting the buttons on the STACK… But what he’s really doing is telling the stage guys that his “Sound” is not quite the way he wants IT… And the guys are adjusting the “Meat-and-Potatoes” for him… under the stage… Well… :O :laugh:

Its funny how smaller amps can sound monster big on recordings. Lots of Champs and Deluxes and Princetons etc in lots of studios. As a joke item, somebody gave me one of those guitar amps built in a cigarette pack, called lil Smokey.

Tom, why not the Mini Z ?

Tom, have you had fun with the Smokey? I remember the ads said that it could “drive a stack with ease” :)

Teryeah, two reasons made me choose against the mini Z, and Dr Z stuff in general - first, the mini Z is clearly a loud little amp. “An overdrive with a speaker” I think the website said. The Little Lani Lei is a 1/4 watt amp with a second power stage to make it 33 watts, so can be played very, very quietly or used as a reasonably powered head. Second, what I heard, and what some of my more savvy friends tell me, is that Dr. Z’s stuff is a tad dark. That’s not at all a criticism, but I like high end. :)

Oh well, I’ve been lusting for several Dr. Zs, the 18W Maz Jr in particular. I’ve been reading his forum and I never saw anyone use the word dark on any of his amps. That said, there’s a lot of Tele players hanging out there.

I still think this looks cool:
Check the demo vid :)

The MAZ 18 Jr looks gorgeous. Tube rectification and all…mmm…mmm…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

OK, it sounds gorgeous too - listen to the sound clips on the webpage for it. mmmmmmmm :)

There’s a lot of high quality low wattage amps around these days. Matamps, Cornford Harlequins, Victoria’s 512, blah blah blah. Heck, I want one of each. Now there’s some bad science fiction for ya :)

Oh, I agree, one of each. :)

Did you check the Nano video ?

No, I’m on dial up at home. Tomorrow at work. :)

You’re in for a li’l treat :)

The lil smokey did indeed drive my 4X12 Jackson slant cab using its external speaker out. I mainly record guitars using an ADA MP1 or V-Amp 2 as a front end into my 59 Gibson GA6, then mic’d with a 57. I did however replace the stock blue Jensen with an ElectroVoice 12L.