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how would you do this?

I just got asked if I could make a copy of several messages from a cel phone for burning on to a CD. A co-worker has a friend who just lost a son to cancer, and he left her a bunch of cell-phone messages, which she would like to save. I’m sure I could just stick a mic in front of her cel’s speaker, but I bet someone here might have a suggestion for a better way to do this.

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks!

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Tony W

if the phone has an earphone jack just use an adapter to plug it into your interface/board or system input and record it. Pass along my encouragement to the family - just lost a son last year myself - it sux!

Thanks Poppa; now I can’t decide whether I am an idiot for not thinking about that myself, or a genius because I asked the right bunch of people! Of course, now I have to hope the lady’s phone has a standard mini-jack, since I am sure I have adapters to get that signal out. Just in case it doesn’t, any other ideas?

Thanks again to the ntrack forum!!!

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Tony W

Well the content is the important thing - not the quality. It’s not like she’s been listening to the messages on near fields. Any quiet setting, turn it up, mic the speaker. Just hearing her son’s voice and having the messages to share should be enough to make her happy.

True thought there. Thanks again…


If the messages are on the phone itself, and the phone isn’t an antiqe, you should be able to connect it to a computer via USB. Then you just drag & drop the files.

Had this a while back when my girlfriend’s dad died. No jack, but one of those cheapo omni electret condensors (Used a Naiant myself) did just fine… no proximity effect.

I had already figured that an omni mic would be best, before poppa reminded me of the headset out. I can just imagine how boomy a cardioid would be if you got it close to the little phone speaker…

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Could the messages be forewarded to another handset and then wired? Sure, quality isn’t an issue, but it would be cleaner.

And here is why I love this place! One little question, three different suggestions - and my having thought of one of them already does not change the fact that they are all good ideas!

Thanks guys! I’ll post here later, and tell you which technique worked out the best…

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Tony W

BTW, I plan to charge the lady $0.25 per cd, for media and jewel case costs. Does this seem too steep? :laugh:


BTW, I plan to charge the lady $0.25 per cd, for media and jewel case costs. Does this seem too steep?

sounds like you're running a protection racket.

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