recording control panel

Hi Again,

Well now I’ve installed a new soundcard, EMU1212M. Everything is working except the most important thing: recording. I’ve removed the old soundcard and uninstalled it’s software. The rest seems to be installed correctly. But when I use N track and go to the recording control panel (where you can choose: mono mix, line in and several other options and change the volume) it’s grey: I can choose only the “soundcard’s name”) and all the rest is grey (not able to change something) Does anybody recognize this problem?
Maria ??? :p

hi maria,
you should be able to control your new soundcard clicking on the setting icon below the recording or playback vu-meters, near the red button…for my soundcard (tascam fw 1804) is this way, i think for your too!

Make sure n is not trying to use the old card, go to preferences click on audio devices and make sure new card is listed there.

Yaz :D

Help, can’t find anything near the VU-meters! The devices in the settings are correctly selected. The old soundcard is removed…When I start the standard windows hardwarecontrol wizard it warns that a file named: “dpv.setup.exe” is not installed but it’s a file I don’t know and it’s also not a file I can’t find on the InstallingCD from the Emu soundcard or anywhere else on the computer. Maybe it hasnt have to do anything with it but maybe it has…But recording is not possible. And it’s true that I have to select a part of the souncard in a special “EMU-mixer” , don’t kno how it works. Does anybody recognize anything of this?? :p :p Maria

Maybe Bubbagump or other E-Mu users will be along to help ya out but one thing I do know … You will need to have an understanding of Patch-Mix and creating sessions.

'kay, thanx, I start a new topic…Maria:)