Recording from church last night

Christmas musical rehearsal…

Hi guys,

We are doing a musical/theatrical thing for Christmas this year at church. Last night at rehearsal, I decided to try my laptop and Tascam US122 combo out. First, I tried two SD condenser mic’s…blech! Too much ambient racket from people rustling props around and getting kids ready for parts and stuff. I mean, it was a rehearsal so lots of stuff going on. I wound up setting up an Aux feed from the FOH mixer into one channel of the Tascam. I thought it turned out decent for what it is. A little Fasoft Multi-band comp and a touch of SIR 'verb is all I put on it. When we get our big, bad MOTU 24io system installed, I’ll be able to multi-track this stuff. Sweet!

If you wanna check it out… Look at My Son

BTW, thats a soundtrack. I only WISH we had that many musicians of this caliber…


Windows media player would not open the track.

Do you have the latest Media Player? It opens and plays fine in Version 9??


Sounds pretty impressive to me. The vocal performances are very clean, distinct and well-integrated into the mix. This would be a very acceptable live recording if you plan to burn and distribute CDs of the performances.

I work with a collegiate marching band and their sound technician often records the marching band onto a laptop for the soruce material for the band’s publically sold CDs.

Thanks ksbd. Yep thats the plan. I’m going to capture both nights performances and comp the best bits into a CD. We’ll give away to choir members and folks that helped out and such. I tell you though, I hate being at the FOH soundmans mercy though. If I had time, I’d set up a small mixer where I’ll be located (running the lights) and take the direct out from the FOH mixer and submix my recording feed. Oh well, I’ll just do what I can and hope for the best!


I have Windows Media Player 10. The error message says the file has an extension that does not match the file format.


Nice vocals! Man - you could do a Kenny Rogers tribute if you wanted.


Tim I really enjoyed you music!

Very nice, TG. Thanks for posting it.


I have Windows Media Player 10. The error message says the file has an extension that does not match the file format.

Check the filename of the saved file. It may have been saved without an extension, or some other extension. WMP10 is much more picky for security reasons (non-music file spoofing as music files). It forces the filename to match the file type or it barfs.

If you didn’t save the file and were just playing it from the web there may need to be a change to the way the file is exposed to the media player on the web side.

In the past most players, including WMP, would simply assume a file was of the type extension it had and try to play it. That’s dangerous when you think you are clicking on an mp3 except it’s not an mp3 file, or whatever file type. WMP10 is trying to protect your machine from viruses and trojans by actually doing the right thing.

As an experiment for those with WMP10, rename any wma file to wav and try to play it. WMP10 will pop that dialog. It will let you attempt to play it though.

In your case, Sax, maybe the download didn’t complete properly if it won’t play it at all.

Thanks for the kind words guys. The only thing I can take credit for is engineering duties. That song has my music making friend and his wife on the lead vocals. They are a truly talented couple.

It pretty much went as planned, I captured the rehearsal and both nights performances and comped the best stuff together for a CD. It turned out pretty well except for a couple times the FOH man let his levels creep up into feedback territory. I have tried and tried to talk to him about keeping his hands off the gain knobs, keeping the monitors low etc… I mean, it’s a fairly small room with lousy acoustics and all but vocalists singing to soundtracks do NOT need THAT much monitor! Oh well…it coulda been worse.

I think they are going to let us put in the MOTU setup in late January or early February. Then I can take the direct-out from the FOH board (pre-fader) and multi-track the whole bit. Mixdowns will be tough but the quality should improve by leaps and bounds!

Thanks again!