recording from fruity VSTI?

How do i record from fruity as a VSTI?When I add a channel,it comes up next to #1,i can’t record it.thanks

Cut and pasted from Jhonan (the sleepy looking, but sharp-minded Irishman :D ) a long while back…

1) Click ‘Track’…‘MIDI’…‘New VST Instrument Channel…’ and select 'FL Studio VSTi (multi)'

2) FL is now a VSTi instrument in N - To start up FL click the FL strawberry icon - This will start up the VSTi plug-in version of FL in full-screen mode (nice!)

3) Now (and this is the clever part, I thought) - In the FL mixer window, assign each of the FX tracks output to ‘FL 1, FL 2, FL 3’ up to FL 16.

For example, in the FL mixer window, highlight the ‘FX 1’ channel, and where it says ‘OUT’ at the bottom of the mixer window, click the dropdown, and select ‘FL 1’ from the list.

What this does is sends your FL mixer channel to an actual mixer track in N !

4) Now, you can assign you FL channels to whichever FX track you want. In the FL step sequencer window, click the first channel, (Which could be ‘Kick’ for example), in the channel settings window in the top RH corner, change it so that the FX setting reads '1’

The signal path then becomes;

Channel 1 (Bass) —> FL Mixer FX1 —> FL 1 (OUT) —> N mixer channel

Do this for all the channels you want to send to N. You don’t have to send each channel to a seperate FX channel, you can combine them (if you don’t need to have them as seperate tracks in N)

5) FL becomes a slave of N - You use the mixer in N, you apply compression/effects etc. in N, set the tempo in N (FL picks up the tempo changes from N). In fact, the Stop/Rewind/Play controls are sent to FL as well, you might find you have to click ‘Stop’ a couple of times before FL responds though… ???

Thanks-got it all hooked up like you said-16 channels came up on the mixer when i chose the FL vsti multi-associated each with fruity FX channels-but how do I get it to record?(The record VU red-lite selector says record to a new channel-but it won’t-I know it’s operator error,Any ideas?
Thanks again

You need to address that question to Jhonan I’m afraid. He was on here a couple of days ago, but I don’t know when he’ll be back.

Anyway, I think he’s still pissed at me for arguing with his “strawberry” thingy.

I still think it looks more like a mutant chilli pepper! :D

Anyway, try PM’ing him.


Thanks Again!

Do you actually need to record from Fruity? Its output should be included in a mixdown.

If you do really want a wav of the Fruity track, perhaps just soloing it and doing a mixdown (giving you a wav you can import into N-track) would be a good workaround?