Recording guitar

Direct or mic it?

Hi, i was wanting to get some opinions. Do you guys have better results recording direct or putting a mic to a guitar cabinet, or would you do both for 1 guitar track?

I would do both if you can.
Get a DI box that will et you split the signal.
Plug your guitar into the DI box,
then plug the balanced out into a line in and then the through from the DI to the guitar amp, then mic the amp and record that at the same time as the DI’d signal.

You can then use amp sims etc on the DI’d signal.

Use mix both, or only use one whatever.

You could even send the dry DI’d signal back out to another amp later and mic that. Once you have the dry signal the possibilities are endless…


Mic it!

I dunno, lots of folks use things like the Pod, but they never sound quite real to me. Probably me. Really it depend son the sound you want. If you want the sound of a DI-ed guiter, then DI it.

what type of guitar sound are you going for… DI will work great for a very clean recording of a “clean” tone. if you’re going for something really distorted, DI doesn’t always work well unless you’re using an amp modeler like a pod. with the clean guitars, it really depends on the sound you’re going for. mic’ing takes some practice to get a good tone, but it can really be worth it.

I’ve done both. It depends on what sound you’re going for. I find my J-station can give some pretty accurate sounds (or at least close), which I can’t do easily through my guitar amp(s).

The idea of recording the dry signal too and re-amping is worth investigating.

Thanx for the replies, as far as my sound, i usually play heavy distortion, like i’ve said before i’ve been using my korg D1200 for my guitar fx, those are ok but i seem to get a little fizz when some of my notes fade out. I’ve tried the mic bit just tinkering around but the hiss of the amp gets to me :laugh: I guess i’ll have to settle for a happy medium somewhere. 1 more thing, will i gain anything by getting the 24 bit version of N? I’m running the 16 bit on a 24 bit sound card, (AP 2496) and i’m running a Focusrite trackmaster platinum pro.

Although it would be best, signal-wise, to record clean from your guitar (no fx) and then add fx to the dry recorded signal after-the-fact, I know that many guitarists need the “sound” (say distortion from their amp) to play the way they intended. What you could do is find an acceptable distortion vst plugin and play LIVE - so that your signal is recorded dry but you still get the desired distortion effect both realtime and after-the-fact.

You can then mic your amp for a second track, put that low in the mix as a nice fill.


What you hopefully are learning here is, that there isnt a right or wrong way…just a whole lot of different ways to do stuff. Play with it…

Just like learning an instrument, learning to record can be a lifelong endeavor…I am hoping it is.

Hi syn, i see what ya mean, i’m just glad ppl are willing to help. I hope this recording bit ain’t too lifelong i’m already 40 yrs old!! :p :laugh:

I use a digitech RP200 straight in to the soundcard, using amp and cabinet simulation, so I can hear what I’m playing. Never could play a clean sounding guitar and get good results by dirtying it up later - I play clean and dirty differently! I found that the Rubytube plug in restores a bit of analogue warmth if required.

Using a DI box that has a through socket as well as a balanced out will let you hear your guitar through an amp (or effects unit or whatever) whilst still recording the dry signal…

I go in through the mic/line/instrument socket on my front panel, turn off direct monitoring for that input, to an audio track that has a vst guitar sim going in live mode. If the latency is low enough it’s pretty good (smaller buffers…)

Theres some good ones out there…

can i not make Amplitube work with N? I know it requires ASIO drivers…don’t it?