Recording keyboard in stereo

Will mixdown be in stereo?

If I record both channels of an electronic keyboard onto seperate tracks in n-Track, one is labeled “left” and the other is labeled “right”. If I then make a stereo mixdown of that song, will I get a true stereo recording, with the track labeled “left” in the left channel and the track labeled “right” in the right channel?

yes, unless you have the mono button pressed in the mixer.

Marvelous. Thanks for the reply.

Dont forget to pan the right channel track hard right and the left channel track hard left…

If you keep them both centered, you have the equivilent of mono.

Right – you can do that, but it’s more convenient to record a single stereo track. Click on the hammer under the input meters, and select “stereo” rather than “two mono”.

Try it. There are advantages to doing this, like when using plugins or keeping the clutter down when you have lots of tracks. Of course, there are other times when it’s better to have two mono tracks, such as when you don’t want to pan the two sides wide apart. But that’s “intemediate” level stuff.