Recording Level Resets

Think it might XP with my sound card

Using XP with a Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM) (I know, I know - just can’t afford to upgrade yet).

When I load a music program, n-Track or otherwise, and begin recording music, the first time, the level is correct, exactly where I want it to be, the sound is fine. However, when I stop and begin recording again, the level rockets up, even though Volume Control reads that the level is the same, and the sound is much too loud. In order to bring the recording level back down again, I have to close the program I’m using, either move the recording Line In volume level a bit and put it back or switch recording to another device and back to Line In again, then reload the program and begin recording again. Of course, this is manageable, but very tedious. I went from a machine using ME, and this never happened on that one - same sound card. I also seem to have the most recent driver for the card as well.

Any suggestions?