Recording level won't adjust

I am using thestock sound card(on mother board) with a m-audio audio buddy pre amp.The recording level meter will not show aclip even when oit seems to be too high.Any thoughts? Sound card?

Huh? please explain what you are trying to do, purposely clip the input and you dont see what you expect??
What is the input (connected to what) to the output( connectecd to what?).

As always, this is a “what the heck is connected to, what-the-heck?” type of question, and then “Why do you ask?”


Thanks for replying to my seemingly vague question but I had a two year old wanting to play Dora the explorer on the computer at the time. I am trying to record guitar tracks.I have my mic inputed to my audio buddy preamp whos output is plugged into my sound cards(sound blaster)input. What the problem is ,when I try to set the recording level with the sound cards recording mixer controls the recording level meter wont show a clip even if the level is set too high .In other words I dont know what too high is until I record something and hear the distortion. It has worked at times and shown me the correct level . I pluck or strum my guitar depending on what I am going to do while adjusting the line in slider and when it clips I bring it down.If I am unable to adjust the level up to clipping I never really know what the true level is. It will adjust down though.Thanks