Recording Levels too low


I have been using Firepod and ntrack for years. I just got a new 64 bit laptop and loaded ntrack 64 6.03 as well as ntrack 32 6.03. The laptop uses Vista 64.

With the input knobs exactly as they were the last time I used the Firepod I did some test recordings and the wave forms are barely above flat line. Other than cranking the input knobs almost to 10 is there any other setting I am missing that may be different with version 6?



There’s been a lot of discussion on going from 32 bit to 64 - make sure all your interfaces are 64 bit compatible - though some guys say 32 bit programs can be use in 64 - someone will be along soon to help.

I tried it with Audacity and the same settings had more normal levels. Very confusing.