Recording midi using a vsti

w/o recording extra audio tracks

Is there some way to record midi without generating audio tracks for each vsti channel that is created with the vsti?


So you have a midi track, and you open up a VSTi and it creates a new channel on the mixer? And you don’t want that extra channel?

nope, it records a new audio file for every vsti. I’ve never created midi in ntrack before, always import. perhaps I’m doing it wrong?


Is there some way to record midi without generating audio tracks for each vsti channel that is created with the vsti?

This may not be what you are experiencing but I offer it anyway…

n-Track can be set to record either:

1. Audio
2. Midi
3. Audio and Midi

If you are set at “3” you will get a blank audio track every time your record a midi track.

To change the setting use the icon that looks like either

1. A microphone
2. A keyboard
3. A microphone and keyboard

On my n-Track it’s on the top row of the toolbar, slightly to the right of centre next to the metronome.

Don’t forget to set it back afterwards - it’s really frustrating to play that killer guitar solo only to find you’ve recorded a blank midi track instead.



Thanks. I’ve been using N for years, but have never recorded midi in N before, so I didn’t know you had to change settings. I just assumed that if you clicked the red dot on a blank midi track, it would record midi. shrugs I figured it was something like that. I just didn’t know how to change the settings.


Glad you got it sorted.

The reason this is happening is that, for audio, the default for each input channel is to “Record to new track”. This is a very handy default. If you disable recording on the audio channels (click on red dot under record meters), then it won’t matter if both audio and MIDI recording are enabled.

The way it is now is very handy for those of us who do a lot of both audio and MIDI. Makes it very easy to shift between recording audio and MIDI. Yes, occasionally I have that button in the wrong setting and miss a take – which is just one of the 10 or so reasons why whenever I’ve just set up to record something, I record for a few seconds and make sure it’s doing what I expect before recording an actual performance.

I don’t find any use for the “audio only” setting myself, though. Just as easy to disable recording on the MIDI channels. But that setting has never caused me any harm either (since I just don’t use it). On the other hand, I never have lots of MIDI channels set up for recording at once. If I did, I might use that setting. It could be very handy for someone with a MIDI drum kit who uses a separate track for each instrument. And also records audio.