recording over and over on a single track

how can I delete old records

When I record myself on a single track and then stop recording, and recording again.
I have to delete the first record manualy !!! how can I do it automaticly??? .
If I will not delete the previos records from the track then they will disturb me recording again.

Here are two options. There are other ways, too.

You can set the input channel for “Record to a new track” (click on red circle under record meters). Then you can manually delete old tracks whenever you want.

Or you can do what I often do: after a flub take, Undo, then answer the question about what to do with the deleted track, and then try again. So, since I goof up a lot, my most common key sequence is (using hot keys):

^Z (undo)
D (delete the track)
0 (zero – record)

I can type those three keys in an eyeblink in my sleep now. If only I could play the instrument as well!

HTH :)

It’s not automaticly but it is good !!!

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