recording/playback jumps on new system?

even after much troubleshooting.

i don’t know much about tweaking pc’s for sound, but it’s a simple setup i’ve used successfully in the past: n-track, with tascam us-428 as a controller/interface. i’m trying to set this up on a different computer. the os is windows xp, as it was before. the drivers for the tascam are up-to-date. the n-track is a recent version (still the evaluation demo until i know i can get it working) i’ve closed down superfluous processes in the task manager, played with the buffer settings, tried disabling DMA (only made things worse), disabled acceleration for the computer’s sound and graphics… all to no avail, it still jumps in both playback and mixdowns. any suggestions? n-track’s always been good to me in the past. :(

Do you have Service Pack 1 installed on your new machine? It has some USB fixes that are necessary for smooth playback. If you have formated then you’ll need to install it.

Also, what chipset is your USB controller?
I bought the US428 a couple of years ago and couldn’t get it to work (stuttering playback)
Plugged it into my flatmates PC and it worked straight up.

Did some research and found out the VIA USB controllers were the problem.
I bought a PCI card USB controller and plugged that in and it helped somewhat.
Had some other problems as well though and ended up taking the Tascam back and upgrading to a PCI soundcard.