Recording/playback resolution with ASIO

Settings not staying


This may be something I’m misunderstanding so I’m looking to the group, Paco or Flavio for advice.

I’ve using NTrack6 with the ASIO4ALL driver - all is well but I have a question about “input or output format” found under “Setting->Soundcard’s Setting->Recording format” or “…->Playback format”.

I’m finding that regardless of what I set the format to, it will return to 24-bit when I return and check the setting. I’m using two different sound cards and one is 16-bit and one is 24-bit. I’m trying to figure out a problem with a different sound card and really want to set this resolution to 16-bit (along with the ASIO4ALL option “Force WDM Driver to 16 Bit”) to look at the solution proposed in the ASIO4ALL (

If anyone can shed any light on this, I’d be grateful.