recording problem

only low freq…

well i’ve got this problem.

I record with the guitar plug to the computer through a guitar multiple effects module. But i have noticed that it always cut me the high frequencies and only boost the low ones.

Cos my english is poor i post you a picture here to make you see what i’m saying:

The song is a rock song… with 1-2 guitars, bass&drums (trough midi) and shouts, so i guess that it must be more hig freq…

is it normal?
if not how can i fix it?


Does it sound different on playback to what it does when you record it? Or does it sound ok?

Worry about how it sounds, not winamps dodgily scaled spectograph.

no, i think it sounds good (at least for me) even the mixed track…

but i’m worried if it’s something wrong about the program or the soundcard (their settings) or it’s normal that the high freq don’t show and then you must rise them with equalizer or plugins (producers work)

Willy’s point is good. What does it sound like?

That frequency meter in Winamp is pretty meaningless as the graph has no scale or units (although we can assume that it probably is representing a “normal” audio range)

If you must check the frequency response, try the “Frequency Spectrum” in n-Track’s EQ window. If you really are losing the high frequencies you might have a problem in your singnal-chain or an impendance mismatch.

You say it sounds good, but how does it compare to prerecorded music (a CD) of the same type? It should sound similar, but probably not as loud (adjust playback levels so they are the same - don’t worry about your mix’s playback volume right now). If it’s bassier or has less highs than than a CD then it’s probably something that needs to be addressed in the mix, even if it sounds good to you when played alone.

When I say played alone I mean you have not compared it to anything else within 20 minutes. When mixing it’s good to compare your mix with something else you like and are very familiar with often. When mixing it’s VERY easy to work on a mix for a period of time only to find out your ears have adjusted to your mix as it stands and not the mix you are shooting for, so the whole thing gets a bit skewed.

A response like you are seeing is consistent with that scenario. It’s also consistent with a mix based on individual tracks that have been made so sound good when those tracks are soloed. When mixed together there will be a low to low-mid bump in the mix that can lead to mud.

Is there any way you can post a short clip of the mix?

Keep in mind there should be a rolloff on the highs anyway as they take less energy to be heard. If you have a look at a pro song in say, Ozone’s spectrograph, you’ll see that there’s a slope down from about 3khz to 20khz.


well… i don’t know what i did but now the problem it’s solved…

i update the soundcard drivers… but i don’t change anything else and now when i do the mixdown it works well…


thanks anyway

try bringing the track back into N-track, and using the EQ’s spectrum analyzer to see what’s really going on.